Zhejiang Deman Machine Co.,Ltd. is a China-German joint venture as professional flat glass processing machine manufacturer.
Our success and high quality is based on German technology, modern design and strict quality controls in our workshops.0ur Service is worldwide available, for example our European sales & service center and researching development center in Germany.
Machine main features: High precision, high efficiency, high profitable, easy to operate and maintain, durable and eco friendly,
Our main products: Double-sided T-edge grinding machine, Double-sided Cedge grinding machine, Double-sided shaped glass grinding machine,
Double-sided Round Corner grinding...
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China-German joint venture
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ADD:No. 2 Beishan Bei Road, Xin Deng New Industrial Park, 311404 Fuyang, Zhejiang, China.
E-mail: tom.petring@fydeman.com
URL: www.zjdeman.com
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