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Congratulations that Fuyang Deman Machine Co., Ltd won the title “ National high-tech enterprises”

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Judged by the National Science and Technology Depart, Fuyang Deman Co.,Ltd was honored the “National high-tech enterprises”, and also got the certificate. This is the third distinction after Fuyang Deman Co.,Ltd obtained the title ”Hangzhou high-tech enterprises ” in June 2012 and became a member of “Eagle Plan ” in October 2012.
Fuyang Deman Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional flat glass processing machine manufacturer. The main products are Double-side C-edge grinding machine, Double-side T-edge grinding machine, Washing machine, Straight-line automatic turning table, L-type automatic Turing table, Automatic loading/unloading machine, Automatic drilling machine, Automatic in-line drilling machine, Water cleaning system etc. DEMAN works hardly in recent years in order to bring in the talents, optimize and upgrade the enterprise management system and we also increased investment for research and development, which made us approached a big achievement. Deman got the certificate of the “National high-tech enterprises”, not only proved that Deman has got a new level in terms of scientific researches, the quantity of independent intellectual property rights and the ability of transferring the scientific and technological achievements, but also showed the strong competitiveness of Deman obviously.
The “National high-tech enterprises” is guided and supervised by the National Science and Technology Depart, Ministry of Finance and Tax Bureau. It is also an important proof for a company is able to transfer the scientific and technological achievements continuously and form the core intellectual property system who got this title. The title judged by the National Science and Technology Depart, is not only one of the highest honors for companies of science and technology in China, but also considered as an authoritative affirmation for companies.
With the development idea ,reasonable prices for machines  with German technology’’ , Deman will keep trying, to be more responsive to customers and also to become one of the best professional flat glass processing machine manufacturers.

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