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2017 America Exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2017-10-08

America Glass Exibition from 2017/9/12 to 2017/9/14 was successfully held at the Georgia World Congress Center. During the exhibition, Deman explained to the global of the real inexpensive with good quality, passing the eam spirit of Deman persons who are good at quality, loyal to the character, sublimating “Made in China” to “Made in China with good quality”.

Each Machine from Deman, Glass loader / Glass Grinding Machine / Glass Drilling Machine / Glass Washing Machine,  is tailored to every customer, ensuring that the guests' requirements are met completely and that the products are well-known and rewarded.

In the exihibition, Deman showed to the customer the whole working process of their equipment which is unique and absolutely advance in the glass cold processing machinery. These equipment have been put into operation around the world and were recognized and approved which is the solid foundation of opening a broader market in the future.

Deman, not only in excellent products, but also in good quality in after-sales service, has been the praise of customers. Thoughtful, high quality, efficient become a synonym in Deman after-sales service.

In the exhibition, Deman recepted more than one hundred customers and reached nearly 30 intentions of the contract, which  fully demonstrated the customers’ highly recognized to Deman products and services . In the future, Deman will reach a broader field, climb the farther peak.

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