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8-Multi Head Automatic Glass Online Drilling-Milling Machine (DEMAN Patent)

Max. 8 sets of drilling/milling/internal grinding tools can be installed in the top and bottom drilling axis at one time.

OriginaI German imported high-speed servo drilling system to guarantee the rate of acceptability,precision and cleanliness.

Automatic glass casting system, throw the waste glass after drilling into the special container to reduce machine's failure rate and maintenance time.

Especially applied to the process of glass with multi position of holes,multi diameter of holes, Multi tools used for the holes to be finished in one unit.

Glass thickness:2-25mm

Glass size:Minimum:300 ( W )x 350mm( L )

Maximum:1200 ( W )x 3300mm( L )

Hole size:Φ4-65mm

Tolerance of hole size:0.2mm

Tolerance of hole position:±0.3mm

Drilling cycle:10-30s

(according to the glass thickness、hole size、hole quantity)

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